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added 998 days ago to My Stash
I'll Hit I'll Pass 6 Comment

Rump Wax White Rhino

  • 513toker:

    Omg that’s amazing El

  • elmarijuano:

    Hell yeah! The Gods Gift was fire! I gave it a review on here..check it out, pics came out great. Yup! Rump has the best overall product! Smell, flavor and effects are all there! This White Rhino was my personal fav. The high was amazing.

  • SRT710:

    One of my favorite Rump flavors. El marijuano do you remember the God’s Gift? Rump is the best stuff around BY FAR and always compassionately priced. Wish I could say the same about NUGGETRY concentrates *cough* bhombline bhoss *cough*. You’ll never catch me paying 100$/g for some autobuddering garbage.

  • alpha:

    I want this in my lungs

  • DankHydroKush:

    amazing pic EL!

  • bhofiend:

    That is straight up SEXY oil.

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