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originally added 965 days ago to My Stash
I'll Hit I'll Pass 13 Comment


  • Muddy:

    Thats what master kush is suppose to look like,shit,,,everything should look like this.;)

  • HumCoast:

    God damn quizy! Ya know, Oakland isn’t that long of a drive for me, I’m thinking lol.

  • MajorBurns:

    the bomb

  • MrTyler:

    The Master of Master kush’s lol

  • Stimulator:


  • Quizy:

    Thanks for all the love.. Wish i could smoke some with ALL of you!

  • PeopleSuck:

    Mmmm damn

  • K-Budzz:

    damn that shit lookin fire

  • Quizy:

    My big homie in the Oakland Hills comes through big for me!!! I got some for you SkinZ!

  • Quizy:

    Very lucky to have it.. it’s retardedly frosty indeed

  • Mike-420:

    <—– Jealous as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MK is one of my top 3 Fav indicas of all time.. IF not #1

  • SkinZ:

    That look like some super fire. Damn main!

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