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added 950 days ago to My Stash

1 Lb. Cherry Pie

  • Waxman513:

    looks like some reggie

  • 513toker:

    Vacuum sealing kills trichomes and I get my straight from the source usually so no its not like this.

  • PieRomania:

    Nice buds. Never hurts to have a little extra :-)

  • 828Nugz:

    I can about guarantee that your “dispensary pot” comes vac sealed like this as well

  • 828Nugz:

    You guys must’ve never gotten an elbow before.. obviously it’s vac sealed not compressed, 2nd pic shows how it picked back apart..

  • xDSx:

    I think I see a dead lizard in that brick!

  • HumCoast:

    This is all a joke right? Mexico doesn’t grow Cherry Pie……..

  • Kushsurfin:

    Caked up



  • Budda:

    Ill smoke dat

  • BlazinAlberts:

    Oscar the Grouch

  • parola:

    1 lb brick pie

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