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added 947 days ago to My Stash
I'll Hit I'll Pass 7 Comment

Time Bomb!!! Hit the jay untill it burns down to the end and then watch the kief topped bowl ignite. Something me and my friends did the other night when we were bored.

  • mattyboi:

    How high were you?

  • chewbonga:

    We wanted to see if it would work and it did, also had fun smoking it. Worth it in my opinion.

  • fireog420:

    wouldn’t it be better to smoke all that weed,without all that paper?

  • fireog420:

    just my 2 cents here, but wouldn

  • Wkainan90:

    me and my homies always called that a genie. need to do that again hahaha

  • soursteve:

    and not enough brains to run it

  • BlazinAlberts:

    Something you do when you have a lot of herb

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