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originally added 911 days ago to My Stash
I'll Hit I'll Pass 14 Comment

Concentrate cottage Leif full melt & wax

  • dab253hard:

    This is super nice dude good job looks dank.

  • DoctorDank:

    I know what I want for Xmas this year!

  • 513toker:

    Now that takes dedication

  • mrshwag:

    hahaha that’s fucking awesome

  • jbreezy:

    We had a honey bud Xmas tree but it was sold romulan x space queen headband full melt wit cold water and OG keif

  • Blaze4Days:

    Thought you’d use a bud for the tree lol

  • DabbinDill:

    Id rent that cottage for a week or two :p that is such a dank creation! Literally

  • Quizy:

    This contains so much WIN

  • justintoke:

    we dont need no water let that motherfucker burn. burn motherfucker! BURN!

  • justintoke:

    now thats one house I wouldn’t mind burning to the ground.

  • PeopleSuck:

    Fuckin awesome!

  • Jay-Kush:

    Fuckin insane ! I wanna melt that cottage

  • Mcdabbers503:

    Hash house hell yeah lol

  • BlazinAlberts:

    Lol.. props

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