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added 700 days ago to My Stash

This is my moms stash, she needs to up her game.

  • Waxman513:

    ha shes even got the crackpipe to go along with it hahaha

  • chieffx420:

    You need to be a good son lol

  • 513toker:

    Lmao old timers and there schwag

  • Muddy:

    haha,,,u need to get your mom a new pipe and give her sum buds,,and jar lol

  • radablast:

    What is that? Is that a peanut in there with a chicken wing + crack smoked one hitters?

  • dayzaway99:


  • HumCoast:

    It looks like there’s some bagseed in the tin, I like that.


    I’m not seeing the stash ? Lol

  • K-Budzz:

    woahh awesome mr bungle, awesome story


    My mom ain’t smoke but I like to hook up pops with 200 & 250 dolla OZ’s… He likes green crack and Skywalker, ain’t hip on the concentrates/waxes tho, loves yola though, who doesn’t ;)

  • SamsonSimpson:

    I remember when I found my Dads “one hitter” it was a deepwell 1/4″ socket with foil for a screen..

  • bigmeat420:

    for the record I have tried to help her with some glass n some dank bud but this is what she likes

  • Mrwax710:

    DAMN my mom dosent get HIGH but if she did her Stash would NOT look like this

  • jbreezy:

    You got to tell her that clear jump off is borderline crack pipe status ..haahaa

  • jbreezy:

    I keep my moms stash up & I hit her with a micro toro but she luvs some Pre rolls #planes

  • Alachewie:

    That is omething my mom would do if i didnt keep glass clean for her lol

  • ErrlDabman:

    first peice i ever smoked was my dads one hitter which was the same one as that pink only in blue ha

  • K-Budzz:

    found my moms the other day, actually looks alot like this.. w/ the pipe she took from me in H.S.

  • MrTyler:

    my mom keeps her hash inside a shoe in the garage, shes had the same bot bottle for months lmao

  • MrTyler:

    hahaha this is awesome.

  • soursteve:

    looks so nasty lol

  • PurpDabs:

    there is hope yet. I converted by 76 yo father to dank indoor from shit outdoor and he loves it!!

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